Monday, February 10, 2014


So i am in this profession for quite some time and i find it really surprising at the extremely low listening capabilities among people in general.

May it be teachers , student, supporting staff or even parents, most people just feel that they are too important and must be heard. Thus a conversation merely becomes a turn taking session of letting one's thought out on the map.

The art of listening, just being there in a state of zen, spared from personal opinion, prejudice and pre-conceived ideas is disappearing as we all are becoming restless in this day and age of high speed interaction.

Our society now jumps into a conclusion so quickly that with the advent of sns, misunderstanding and depression are on the rise.

I'm not even talking about humanity in general, just within my school compound itself all these traits could be observed and it is really sad.

A single person has no worth, he is only worth something when another person appraised him so.

I wish i could teach my student all these.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Trip to Thailand : a new perspective

So last Sunday I went to Thailand, on my own for the first time. By on my own, I mean, without following any tour guide or following any school trip or the likes. So this trip was basically to go and see Tokyo Girls' Style, which does end up in disappointment due to stupid organizer doing lousy job.

My Thailand Trip Report

But that's not really what I want to talk about here though.

One of the interesting things that always happen whenever one travel is the meetings with random people that is really surprising. Every time I go to Japan, I'll stay in a backpackers hostel and I'll be getting like new roomates almost everyday and it kinds of let you meet people from all over the world. Meeting people (hell I sweat, I'd have no idea I'll be saying this considering how much of an anti-social I was) can actually be fun because the world is just so random and certain people are just so unexpected. Here are a few interesting characters I met in this trip :

1) A certain Japanese family
When I was going to take my flight from Kuantan to Kuala Lumpur, while waiting at the departure hall I heard someone talking in Japanese when I looked around I saw a family of Japanese (Parents and 2 young boys prolly around 3-4 years old I guess) browsing through the souvenir shop. As much as I would like to practise my Japanese with them, I guess I should not bother a family on vacation and didn't say a word to them.

When I boarded the flight, the father was sitter right next to me and they were panicking so much because the guy at the airport accidentally tore off the wrong ticket. One of their ticket to Osaka was torn instead of the ticket to KL. He was desperately trying to talk to the stewardess about it, but neither understand each other. I helped him get his problem sorted out by being the translator and had the chance to talk to the guy.

He kind of blew away the image of an Osakan, because the whole family is just so damn quiet. You'd expect more life out of someone from Osaka and the guy also hardly knows about a few Osaka landmark that I've been talking about. So it's either the internet has been cheating me or he just don't care about what's available in Osaka at all (lol) They chose Kuantan randomly as a choice for vacation without even doing proper research and stuff. I guess when you can afford it, it just doesn't matter where you go huh? This was my first time talking to a guy from Osaka and he just go against every stereotype I had about Osakan. lol, so unhealthy.

2) Masaru
I met a Thai with the nickname Masaru at Thailand at the event hall. Now this is one guy that is living my dream job. He's basically a game tester and his job basically consist of playing every new game that just got into the market. Judging from the way he speaks, I guess he is socially awkward too but meeting people of the same type kind of helped him to be more open and to be talkative too. For a game tester, he barely understands English and is pretty fluent in Japanese. Which was funny, because for the first time ever, Japanese was the communicating language for me outside of Japan. He helped me communicate with other Thais, really a nice guy. Albeit a bit eccentric. But we all are.

3) Yamada
At Don Mueang airport, waiting for my flight back home I met this 79 years old Japanese man named Yamada. The dude is freaking 79 but he's travelling alone around the globe with hardly anything at all. A small bag, a photo case and a trusty stick. Seems that he was heading to Calcutta to meet his "teacher" he said. Most probably either seeking for Zen or just a devout Buddhist I'd assume. He was talking to other Malaysian in English and was having a good time with everyone, such a nice guy. When I talked to him in Japanese, he was so delighted but unfortunately I was a bit too late because their flight arrived.

4) Angelo
At LCCT when I arrived home and waiting for a transit but to KLIA I met this Spanish guy named Angelo. Real tough looking dude, huge backpack and stuff and fits your typical image of a backpackers. Apparently he was visiting Sarawak and just came back and now he's heading back to Canary Island, his hometown. Guy is working in Australia for 3 months and now is on a 5 months break and has been going around Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia an Thailand. He is really friendly and apparently works as a diver and repairs boat. The look on his face when he mentions about how tasty was Kek Lapis was pretty priceless.

5) Palestinian guy
Now this guy is the most surprising one out of all I met this time around. This guy is a PhD student in U*M and he is from Palestine. Since Palestine is not recognized as a country, his nationality is Refugee. For some reason, U*M is desperate to terminate his PhD studies. To the extend that they forced his supervisor to resign and relocate him to another university and the forcing him to change his research topic so that he'll have to restart from ground zero. This man has collected every evidence and email throughout his studies and he showed me everything and I was basically dumbfounded because it was all just too overwhelming. He is obviously a rich man because he paid for his PhD without scholarship or anything and using only his own money. Spent about RM50000 through this whole mess that they brought upon him because he need to travel to and fro Palestine and Malaysia. They are fucking with him also in a way that now he cannot register for his 3rd semester because he has no supervisor but that's also the problem that U*M created because they cannot force him to change his topic because according to the university's rule for you to change topic you'd need permission from your supervisor. I met him at the airport in KLIA because they are going to have a meeting between the Vice Chancellor, a representative from Tun Dr. M (I swear I'm not making this up) and a few other big shots. These blokes are stumped because there are no legal ways to get rid of him and I just don't understand why do they want to get rid of him in the first place? Someone is pulling the strings somewhere.

He said something towards the end which left me speechless

"Back in my country, we face destruction and problems everyday against the Jews and the Israelis and now in a Muslim land, I'm still being persecuted upon and still have to fight for my own right... for education"

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Weddings! Camp! Bangkok!

This weekend is going to be crazy

First up is the Camp! 3 days! I'm bringing in 20 brats under my wing to the camp site and staying over there for a day plus. Then tomorrow is my best friend's wedding which I cannot attend... because the wedding reception is at the same time as my flight to KL which I need because on Sunday I'm flying over to Bangkok to see Tokyo Girls Style

I don't have a ticket for the event but I'm just going to run to the place anyways. This is their 2nd visit to Asia and I'm not going to be left out by not attending this event. I sure hope that get some chance to talk to them again, oh well.

Representing Malaysia in Japan!!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Yeah, camp.

Damn I had no idea I'm going to end up as someone that''ll be going for camp frequently. I'm handling scouts again this year and I cant stand a club with no activities at all. I mean like, why on earth are you in a club if you dont have any activities at all, right?

Maybe I should just create an MTG club next year, yeah maybe I just should.

Anyways, so we're camping on friday till sunday. Spent about 250MYR to buy food to feed 20 kids in that 3 days, I kind of feel like we''re overspending because I'm sure as hell that they could just survive with rice and sardines/mackerels for all I care. But not using club money is just retarded, so yeah why not just go all out. Nothing wrong with that.

Hopefully everything went well and the school are not up to anything retarded to cancel this camp because we already bought everything up.

Monday, March 11, 2013

New year New life

Now it is slowly closing in to my 3rd year of working already and things have really taken a lot of different perspective already. I'm slowly getting more aware of my classroom management already and is slowly getting better at handling my lessons but still it doesn't help much that I'm still really bad with paperworks.

School is all fun and stuff, this year I'm taking my school's debate team under my wings again and I'm hoping to work on them real hard till they cry. It's the best way to learn debating anyways, crack your brain real hard that it explodes. I'm looking at certain talents but talents would only be talent without practise. So I have to really work hard on this.

I'm also going to Thailand this coming Sunday, this is my first trip to Thailand on my own. It's pretty exciting but I do feel bad that I have to leave the upcoming camp half-way to go to Thailand. But whatever it is, going to see TGS is still the highest priority.

Things are pretty good but I have to say this 3 months has been really tiring. I'm sure there's some silver lining out there somewhere....

Enough is enough

Enough is enough, time to pick up the log and write things up again. So I'm going to make it a point to write a whole lot often than I used to!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Getting caught in between

It's a really tough life when you try to socialize and then you're caught in between 2 fighting friends. Life is a whole lot different when you are trying to mix around with people isn't it?

I had much easier life trying to ignore everyone else before this and now as I try to get into this working life, things are just not as easy anymore. Well of course that would come out as a "duh?" but I just can't help but to think about it.

And... it is a whole lot more of a headache when the 2 fighting friends are girls.

Thumbs up for love for virtual girls. At least you don't have to go through these kind of things. XD