Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Yeah, camp.

Damn I had no idea I'm going to end up as someone that''ll be going for camp frequently. I'm handling scouts again this year and I cant stand a club with no activities at all. I mean like, why on earth are you in a club if you dont have any activities at all, right?

Maybe I should just create an MTG club next year, yeah maybe I just should.

Anyways, so we're camping on friday till sunday. Spent about 250MYR to buy food to feed 20 kids in that 3 days, I kind of feel like we''re overspending because I'm sure as hell that they could just survive with rice and sardines/mackerels for all I care. But not using club money is just retarded, so yeah why not just go all out. Nothing wrong with that.

Hopefully everything went well and the school are not up to anything retarded to cancel this camp because we already bought everything up.


  1. at my school, the scouts do everything on their own. the next thing i know, i got a letter in my pigeon hole asking me to invigilate them for their camps.

  2. that's awesome. Before I was given this post, the scout in my school had zero activity. Freaking insane stuff.