Monday, February 10, 2014


So i am in this profession for quite some time and i find it really surprising at the extremely low listening capabilities among people in general.

May it be teachers , student, supporting staff or even parents, most people just feel that they are too important and must be heard. Thus a conversation merely becomes a turn taking session of letting one's thought out on the map.

The art of listening, just being there in a state of zen, spared from personal opinion, prejudice and pre-conceived ideas is disappearing as we all are becoming restless in this day and age of high speed interaction.

Our society now jumps into a conclusion so quickly that with the advent of sns, misunderstanding and depression are on the rise.

I'm not even talking about humanity in general, just within my school compound itself all these traits could be observed and it is really sad.

A single person has no worth, he is only worth something when another person appraised him so.

I wish i could teach my student all these.

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