Monday, March 11, 2013

New year New life

Now it is slowly closing in to my 3rd year of working already and things have really taken a lot of different perspective already. I'm slowly getting more aware of my classroom management already and is slowly getting better at handling my lessons but still it doesn't help much that I'm still really bad with paperworks.

School is all fun and stuff, this year I'm taking my school's debate team under my wings again and I'm hoping to work on them real hard till they cry. It's the best way to learn debating anyways, crack your brain real hard that it explodes. I'm looking at certain talents but talents would only be talent without practise. So I have to really work hard on this.

I'm also going to Thailand this coming Sunday, this is my first trip to Thailand on my own. It's pretty exciting but I do feel bad that I have to leave the upcoming camp half-way to go to Thailand. But whatever it is, going to see TGS is still the highest priority.

Things are pretty good but I have to say this 3 months has been really tiring. I'm sure there's some silver lining out there somewhere....

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