Monday, January 30, 2012

Ray of Hope

Seems like finally I'm getting some justice, hopefully that the school realized just how unfair of a treatment that they are giving me (well actually, what they are not giving to someone else is more accurate) and going to fix things up properly. I'll just get the preparation going for the change soon. If indeed this happens then I'll have more time for myself. Wheeeee thank you very much, though it wont matter much since being a warden means working everyday from morning till night anyways.


I haven't really been doing this for a very long time and now the skill is coming back to haunt me. I have the school blog to design now but I really have no idea. Maybe I should just go back to re learn those whole lot of stuff and spend time at deviant art again? Though yeah I have to admit the main reason why I took teaching was because the original plan is to work on designing part time while I'm teaching in the morning. But now I'm so freaking rusty and tons of things to do, things are getting gloomy a bit.

But I guess things just have to change a bit. It'll be good for my resume too.

So yeah, time to get back to designing too...

Just how many things are in my list of to-do/learn? dang things are overflowing

Binaural Audio

Who'd have guessed that a simple audio can cause so much difference? Thanks to a friend of mine I've been using an app called Relax Music HD on my iPad and I do believe that it has some impact on using it. I didn't really get so sleepy today while working. Science create wonders

Saturday, January 28, 2012

A fresh new start

Here I am again, trying for a fresh new start. I loved my old blog but I decided to scrap that away for many reasons. I just hope that this time around it'll be more manageable than usual and I really hope that this can be a spot for me to test out stuff to be used later for the school

With that sign out and peace